Armattan Rooster Carbon Fiber Frame

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The Rooster frame is the perfect design for FPV Freestyling, line of sight or with FPV. This particular model has been tested over the years and had fine refinements to ensure it's the best it can be. Armattan quotes 'Hype is not real… Hype is not tangible. Hype is made up fairy tales and false promises' Which we can surely go by and say its a design you will not understand until you get to fly and feel the true movement of this incredible beast. The lower CG and the cage style protection for the FPV camera in a frontal impact has now been replicated in several similar applications in design. All of them with their own merits and downsides. The Armattan Rooster takes the Chameleon concept to a completely new level. Stronger materials, improved design and better provisions coupled with the ability to swap arms with ease.

If you take a closer look at the cage, you'll notice a few more important features. As is expected from Armattan, there is a lot of FPV camera protection. You can fly safely with your cam anywhere from 25 to 60 degrees. In addition, the center-point of the camera has been lowered in comparison to the Chameleon. Now your rolls will show less vertical distortion as you bang the sticks. Besides a lower placement, the camera mount supports the Run cam Swift v2, the Foxeer Arrow v3, or any other standard-mount FPV camera with a 28.5mm case. The metal of the cage was also stretched from 4x4mm to 6x2mm to allow for the use of M3 hardware. This is something that certainly would not have been possible without the incorporation of titanium. And lastly, in order to increase strength and reduce weight, the HD camera has been fixed at 35 degrees - a value seems to situate many pilots without modification. In fact, the weight reduced here makes a difference. The Rooster comes in just under what the Chameleon weighs.

The rear standoffs are developed specifically for this airframe, extending past the rear of the top and bottom carbon to protect the FPV frame from direct impact. This is the ultimate drone racing freestyle frame built to this date, adding to all these great features the bolt holes in the center provide a modular antenna mounting plates which are available to protect a wide range of VTX's. The last thing, the Rooser uses stainless steel flathead bolts, this type of bolts are less likely to cause damage to your LiPo or camera, saving you from buying more damaged Lipo batteries or FPV Cameras. You will soon find that you'll strip your driver long before you damage any hardware and the weight gain from using aluminium is minimal.


  • Milled Grade 5 Titanium Roll Cage.
  • New and Improved Carbon Fibre.
  • Moulded RX Antenna Mounts.
  • Moulded insulated SMA mount.
  • Detachable Arms.
  • HD Cam Foam Pad.
  • Lipo Foam Pad.
  • Custom Tail Bumpers.

What's Included?


    • 2 x Camera-cage braces


    • 6 x 4mm flat-head M3 bolts
    • 8 x 6mm flat-head M3 bolts
    • 3 x 8mm flat-head M3 bolts
    • 3 x 10mm flat-head M3 bolts
    • 10 x 12mm flat-head M3 bolts
    • 10 x M3 sunk-nuts
    • 10 x Nylock M3 nuts
    • 16 x 6mm M3 button-head (motor) bolts
    • 6 x 8mm M2 cup-head (camera) bolts


    • 1 x 28.6mm Front standoff (silver)
    • 2 x Rear standoffs (black)


    • 5 x 6mm standoffs
    • 5 x nuts
    • 5 x 16mm button-head M3 bolts

    Carbon Fiber:

    • 1 x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate
    • 1 x 1.5mm HD Cam plate
    • 1 x 1.5mm Small front (top) plate
    • 1 x 1.5mm Small rear (top) plate
    • 1 x 2mm Rear VTX plate (Standard or TBS)
    • 1 x 4mm Main plate
    • 4 x 4mm Arms - 5 inch


    • 1 x Lipo strap
    • 1 x LiPo foam pad
    • 1 x HD camera foam pad
    • 4 x Dog-bone landing pads
    • 1 x Molded rubber SMA grommet (only included with standard VTX plate)
    • 3 x Molded rubber antenna tube mounts (only included with standard VTX plate)
manufacturer Armattan

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