Bannilite 5" Super Light Carbon Frame

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The ultimate Banni-approved 5" racer.

The Bannilite is designed by Luke Bannister aka BanniUK. Luke specifically had requirements for the frame which will all be listed below. BanniUK will be flying this frame as his main racer through the 2018 Season.

This super light carbon frame will support some of our favourite components such as
If you manage to break an arm there is no need to worry about that, just 2 simple screws and boom you're back in the air that's also without getting in the way of your stack. This frame will also host a lot of accessories such as battery protectors, GoPro mounts, antenna mounts, and more, check out our 3D Print section!


  • Great Camera Protection
  • Supports All of BanniUK Favourite components
  • Easily switch in, switch out arms
  • Hosts a array of accessories
  • Super light (69g)

What's Included?

  • 1 x Complete Frame
  • 1 x Extra Arm
  • 2 x Extra camera struts (vertical)
  • 1 x Extra camera brace (horizontal)
Technical Specification
Wheelbase 220mm
Prop size 5"
Weight 72g
Arm Dimensions 5mm thick, 9.75mm wide
Stack height 30mm

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