BetaFPV 6x15mm 19500KV Brushed Motors (2CW+2CCW)

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Brand: BetaFPV
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These motors have incredible performance, when we tested these we couldn't believe the sheer amount of power BetaFPV has managed to squeeze into them. These are the highest KV value for 6 x 15mm Coreless Brushed motors at this moment. When at full throttle the tiny whoop blasts through the air like a rocket!

What's Included ?

  • The frame has the same battery mount chamber as the stock Inductrix
  • This upgraded frame is even a little bit lighter - 3.0g to the stock airframe's weight of 3.22g.
  • Compare to the blade Eachine frames, these frames no need to be modified to carry Tiny Whoop style batteries.
  • The strut design is very different and actually creates a complete X all they way back to the battery chamber.
  • The struts themselves have a flat cross section which creates more bonding area with the duct.

What's Included ?

  • 2 x CW Tiny Whoop 6x15mm brushed motor (Black, 19500KV)
  • 2 x CCW Tiny Whoop 6x15mm brushed motor (Black, 19500KV)
manufacturer BetaFPV