Blade Nano QX2 FPV Micro Quadcopter Drone (Bind-N-Fly)

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A top (Bind n Fly) FPV drone, intelligent systems, agile and lightweight.

The Blade Nano QX2 FPV drone offers the most exciting immersive RC experience you can enjoy anywhere. The robust looking air frame is both lightweight and durable with a fully integrated flight control and FPV system. Inverted coreless motors provide inherent stability with strong performance and more than impressive flight times. But with the safe technology this drone this drone offers what no other bind n fly fpv drone offers.With all the different modes to chose from you really are spoilt for choice on this one, also has great responsive time with the transmitter. Self-levelling and low bank angle limits in Beginner mode make getting started relaxing. Flip the transmitter switch into Agility mode when you’re ready for high-speed action and aerobatics. This is one of then most exciting drones on the market so don't hesitate get flying ..

Tech Spec :

  • 6-minute flight times
  • 500mAh 1S LiPo flight battery and USB charger
  • Includes a complete set of replacement rotor blades
  • Inverted high-speed coreless motors provide potent thrust
  • Fat Shark 5.8GHz FPV headset compatible
  • Long-range, 25mW micro FPV flight camera
  • Tough, lightweight design with rotor-guard protection
  • Intuitive SAFE® technology flight modes make flying simple
  • A lightweight, fully assembled airframe
Manufacturer The Drone Worx