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  1. Axial Wraith 1.9 Body And Interior Set: Clear (AXI230001)

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Axial Bodyshells

The RC bodyshell is the finishing touch to any RC Car build or RTR vehicle. It defines the type and genre, and the aesthetics faithfully reproduced that vehicle in often photorealistic accuracy. They range in size from Nano and Micro Class RC Cars, right up to 1/5th Large Scale RC Cars. They protect the chassis and its components and combined with wheels and tyres, create the overall 'look' of the car itself.

RC Car Bodyshells fall into two main categories: - The Vacuum Formed Polycarbonate/Lexan RC Bodyshell or Hard Injection Moulded RC Bodyshells, most often made from Styrene. Both have their place and used in the industry.

Vacuum Formed Axial RC Bodies are painted internally, using a Polycarbonate/Lexan compatible paint, and then finished externally, often with just Decals, but sometimes additional Injection Moulded detail items like Wing Mirrors, a Grille, Windscreen Wipers and Spoilers.

Injection Moulded Axial RC Car Bodyshells are painted externally, first being Primed and then Top Coated with your chosen Colour and then a protective layer of Lacquer. The body is then often finished with Decals, and if supplied, additional detailing items. Hard bodies weight considerably more so tend to be only fitted to non-performance Scale Replica vehicles.

Here at MIBI we offer a wide range of both direct replacement and alternative Axial RC Car Bodyshells. Most are supplied crystal clear, in virgin plastic ready for paint, although Axial do also offer a small range of pre-painted and finished shells as a no-fuss direct replacement for Kit builds or RTR vehicles. Pre-cut and Painted shells often come at a premium price because of the work involved in their production, but they do save a lot of time.

For those who want to paint and detail their RC car Body themselves, we offer a wide range of RC Car Bodyshell Accessories such as Body Hole Reamers, Curved Scissors, Masking Tape, Liquid Mask, Paint, Brushes and many other essential Tools to finish your chosen body to perfection. Customising touched like alternative Decals are also an option.

As ever, if in doubt please ask a team member about the compatibility of a particular RC Car Bodyshell to your existing Chassis and Brand of Vehicle. All bodyshells fit a particular chassis type and Wheelbase, although with ingenuity and adjustment of Body Posts anything is possible!