Drone Worx Hornets v1 Carbon Fiber Frame

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Brand: The Drone Worx
Part Number: tdwhornetv1

As a team we have often had talks about what frame is best for racing/freestyle. We never came close to finding a frame we could all agree on. Eventually we got tired of the endless fights, chair throwing and eye gouging and decided we would get together and design our own team frame that we can all agree on! No little annoying features on a frame that was otherwise ALMOST perfect, no drooling over a new frame to only realise it was a unibody!

We were finally all going to be able to design a frame that we all loved and could withstand the thrashing of big indoor and outdoor league events. It's our weird little love child, born from a team of 3 handsome strapping young men and.. Elliot...

Introducing! THE HORNET V1!

we spent a lot of time designing, adjusting and perfecting this piece of beauty that we call The Hornet V1. We have incorporated ideas from other frames that we have enjoyed flying and threw them all together to make the perfect frame for us.

Here are some of the features this frame has to offer:

•Snap out Snap in arms: Inspired by the Rotor Evolution line of frames With 2 side by side bolts securing the arm and an improved guide notch on the arm to make location far easier, and a true X centre to lock the arms in place, these arms can take a good old fashioned a**whooping and can be replaced in no time! Just undo the two bolts and pull the arm out. What's even better your FC stack does not need touching or unbolting.

•Reversible arms: There is no right or wrong way to put these arms in. If you dont like them pointing forwards then spin them over and have them pointing back! This also helps if you are desperate at a race to replace an arm they will fit any side, front or back!

•FPV Cam: We have designed the front of this frame to be able to take a real bruising, with 4 standoffs to take the brunt force of impacts. Cam plates to help sit the cam nice and low while still being able to hit almost 90° tilt with plenty of protection. We have also added centre holes on the top plate to allow for cam bracket mounting. The cam is seated back into the front of the frame to help minimise the risk of a cam explosion on head on impacts which, lets face it we all do no matter what our skill level!

•Hybrid top plate: To allow for racing without a gopro or some freestyle with a gopro mounted ontop. Finished a race and want to go and dive that building? We got you, just throw some cable ties/a hook & loop strap around your favourite gopro mount and you are golden!

•VTX antenna mounting: top plate mounting, cable tie cut outs help keep your vtx nice and snug taking the stress point away from the delicate coax! The standoffs at the back also give your vtx protection in a crash aswell as the V tail design! LEDs can be mounted on the back standoffs also.

This frame is designed for hard impacts on the race track, freestyle fun off the race track and for any skill level, beginner to expert this is the frame for you!

What's Included?

  • 3 x Center Plate
  • 4 x Carbon Arms
  • 1 x Camera Plate Set
  • 6 x Standoffs
  • 2 x M3 12mm Screws
  • 6 x M3 10mm Screws
  • 10 x M3 6mm Screws
  • 6 x M3 Nylon Screws

manufacturer The Drone Worx