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  1. Tamiya TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit (45063)

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  2. Tamiya Esc Teu-106Bk For Twin Motor

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Tamiya RC Speed Controllers (or RC ESC's) are a vital part in any electric RC Models electronics. They offer fine control over a models Throttle and Braking, and dependant upon the type, can also often be programmed to offer additional features like Battery Type, Throttle Curves, Braking Parameters (like ABS), Automatic Drag Brakes and Motor Punch and Frequency (or PWM).

Tamiya RC Speeds Controllers can be used to power Brushed or Brushless (Sensored or Sensorless) Motors, and can be used in Surface or Air Applications. ESC's come in all shapes and sizes, and must be matched to the Motor you intend to use, the Voltage of Battery, and it's Type. Another function of the ESC is to also power the models Receiver and most have a built in BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit). This negates the use of a separate RX battery, although you must consider the total current draw of the RX and the model's Servo (or Servos) and ensure the BEC is rated correctly.

At MIBI we can help you select the correct Tamiya RC Speed Controller for your particular application. We also stock a range of different Plugs and Leads, compatible with different battery types and also a range of Brushed and Brushless Motors, Replacement Sensor Leads, Soldering Irons, Solder and the all important Heat-shrink. Choosing the correct ESC is vital in having a model that's in full control at all times, and a joy to Drive, Fly or Pilot. MIBI are here to help you get the most from our Tamiya range of RC Speed Controllers, and in turn your hobby.