Emax AVAN Mini 3 Inch 3x2.4x3 Propeller 6 x CW 6 x CCW

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This smart battery will allow you to see current draw and time remaining on the battery.

Emax AVANs are designed to maximize flight and performance for the BabyHawk 3 inch R. A true 2.4" pitch throughout gives a linear control feeling across the throttle band while still achieving high speeds. This will give you an ease of flight as well as more precision. With a special PC blend, the Avan Mini weighs 1.25 grams and most of the weight is central near the hub which creates a low moment of inertia of 3.05 grams square centimetre which allows this prop to be very responsive.

A blend of Polycarbonate has been used to grant high durability on the AVANs, incredibly tough and ductile to resist fracture in high impact crashes.

What's Included?

  • 6 x AVAN mini 3inch 3-balde propeller CW
  • 6 x AVAN mini 3inch 3-balde propeller CCW
manufacturer Emax
Technical Specification
diameter 3 inch
pitch2.4 inch
Moment of Inertia: 3.05 g/cm^2
Quantity: 6 pairs
weight: 1.25 grams