EMAX RS1106 4500KV/6000KV Micro Brushless Motor

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Brand: Emax
Part Number: emax-rs1106-4500kv-6000kv-micro-brushless-motor
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These new motors from Emax set a new standard in the 2" prop class. With a tall 6mm stator to provide the instantaneous torque that is usually lacking in high KV 1104 motors. The RS1106 is the only one of the micro brushless motors that have the active cooling feature so that its able to keep constant power lap by lap. When starting a micro build its important to reduce the amount of mechanical vibration to grab the best performance out of the flight controller. To ensure the smoothness of each motor they use high-quality bearings which comes factory balanced standard.

The bell housing of the motor has two size holes to fit the EMAX 2345 Tri-Blade and M2 x 5mm which works with a wide range of 2" propellers. Two lengths of mounting screws are included for so it will fit a wide range of frame styles.


  • Perfect with 2 to 3 inch paddle, pull up to 330g
  • Two kinds of lock pulp spacing design for EMAX2345 M2×5 mm and the market on the pitch between M2 × 9 mm pitch
  • N52SH super magnet

What's Included?

  • 1 x EMAX RS1106 4500KV or 6000KV Micro Brushless
manufacturer Emax