Fat Shark Dominator HDO Goggles

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Warning: Exposing the lens to direct sunlight will result in LCD damage.

Fat Sharks Pride and joy the Dominators now have OLED display technology which provides you with vivid colours and higher contrast ratios, giving pilots the ability to see better detail when challenged by light conditions. Moving images will also be displayed better thanks to the reduced artefacts from image retention. On top of the OLED module, Fat Sharks optics will produce crisp images from every pixel of the display which alleviates the edge-blur you had seen in previous goggles.

Additional features include a higher-power module bay for power-hungry, next-generation receivers and an improved user interface for better switching between HDMI and analogue feeds.

What's Included?

  • Dominator HDO Headset with fan-equipped faceplate
  • Zipper Case
  • 1800mah 7.4v USB Charging battery Pack
manufacturer Fatshark
Technical Specification
Resolution 960 x 720
Field of View 37°
Image Aspect Ratio 4:3
IPD 59 – 69mm
Weight 186g
Supports HDMI-in 1080p