Sorry, but the Fatshark Dominator SE are now discontinued. While you're here please take some time to browse through the rest of our stock!

As drones become more affordable and accessible, first person view (FPV) drone racing is becoming increasingly popular. It involves racing your high spec drone against other drones at high speeds. Fat Shark Goggles are now becoming one of the most wanted FPV Gear right now, all of Fatsharks FPV Goggles are stunning. Choosing the right model for you can be a tricky task, knowing what you want out of the Goggles is the first step, after that you want to go set your new Goggles up and fly like you've never flew before

Some pilots choose to use an FPV monitor as it allows full vision of the action whilst also enabling full awareness of your surroundings. Some pilots, on the other hand, prefer to use FPV goggles as they allow for a much more immersive experience. Whether you choose to use goggles or a monitor for FVP racing comes down to your personal preference; but either way, you should choose the best spec model that you can afford in order to get the best results from your racing attempts.

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The Dominator HD2 (The V2 of the Dominator HD) goggles are a new and improved version of the incredibly popular DominatorHD goggles from Fat Shark. These FPV goggles are truly top of the range and allow you to get a unique, amazingly wide field of view


Dominator V3

The Dominator V3 is the latest goggle in Fat Shark’s Dominator series, and is by far the best one yet! These goggles allow for an immersive first person view (FVP) flying experience by way of a video downlink via the wireless transmitter on your drone.



The HD3 comes with an 800x600 SVGA resolution, just like its predecessors the HDV2 or the HD. The Dominator HD3 FOV has been reduced to 42° this will allow for a crisper, sharp image. All pilots round the world are excited for the HD3.