New to drones or looking to improve, perhaps considering taking the leap to commercial work, don't worry, The Drone Worx have got you covered. Through our professional Drone flying lessons, we will provide you with the key knowledge needed. We appreciate there are a lot of new drone users and they feel like flying a drone is a foreign language, at The Drone Worx we can get you off to a flying start and in no time you'll be capturing the footage you always wanted to with full control over your drone.

We will show you step by step how to effectively pilot a drone, after the session you'll feel more at home with the drone than ever before, performing manoeuvres that you never thought you would. Whether you're a beginner or expert we can certainly give you the advice and confidence needed to progress in the drone industry.

When in lesson we’ll concentrate on the two aspects of flying, theory and practical. Understanding how to operate the relevant drone control apps, knowing the rules and regulations for where and how you can fly or learning more about the route to becoming a Commercial Drone Pilot. For the practical side, we train using your own drone equipment, so the training is 100% relevant to you and your equipment.

£55 Basic Package
  • 1 Hour Flying lesson
  • Beginners Guide to flight software
  • Drone setup and preparation
  • Landing & take off techniques
  • Basic flight manoeuvres
  • Trained under CAA certified pilot
  • Overview of Rules and regulations
£100 Premium Package
  • All Features From Basic
  • 2 Hour Flying Lesson
  • Intelligent flight mode overview
  • Advanced manual manoeuvres based on real world scenarios
£150 Platinum Package
  • All Features From Basic & Premium
  • 1 Hour Theory lesson
  • 2 Hour Flying lesson
  • Professional Advice on Commercial Work
  • Lipo safety and best practices
  • 10% Discount On Future Drone Purchase
  • 5% Off Your First Repair