Useful FPV Software Links

To try and make it easier for everyone we have some of the more popular software links below to make things easier for you as you build/repair/tune your drone

One of the first things that we recommend, is a good simulator, well, in fact a great simulator. We have been working with Velocidrone for many years now and their ethos for producing a realistic simulator is 2nd to none. wind tunnel testing, speed gun tests, vertical drop testing and accurate modeling of the prop and frame aerodynamics, make this the very best and we recommend it to learn with. It uses the betaflight flight controller, so you can plug your settings in, or make changes so it flys how you would like, and then transfer this over to your real life drone

Software For Configuration and Tuning

below is a list of the software that we use


sometimes to get the flight controllers or esc to talk to the pc/laptop you will need some drivers

  • CP210x drivers -
  • STM USB VCP drivers -
  • Zdiag -