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Furious FPV True D V3.5 40CH Diversity Receiver System

Furious FPV True D V3.5 40CH Diversity Receiver System


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SKU: Furious-fpv-True-d-v3-5-receiver-module

True Diversity System Functionality

Combine this with two antennas to get a great range of flight.

The new version with the spacer to prevent the board shorting out!
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Specifically designed for the FatShark Dominator v2 & V3 also the FatShark HD V1 & V2 Goggles. Furious FPV have a new take on built in receiver functionality, bringing new layers of race ready performance that will change your piloting skills.

The Improved True Diversity V3.5 from Furious FPV is an evolution of the diversity system, offering new ergonomic plastic injection cover and functionality, Offering a Fatshark experience like no other.

Not at all like normal assorted qualities frameworks that basically substitute channels at foreordained focuses, the Furious True Diversity framework effectively scans for the best level of sign quality - picking the most astounding quality yield for greatest video clarity. This compares into the largest amount of video clarity, permitting this dynamic hunt framework to dependably locate the absolute best signal strength available.

Using smooth switch video capacity, the True-D Diversity framework exchanges between the most ideal sign quality in momentary design, giving a definitive in video clarity when it's required the most. This assorted qualities innovation gives ultra clean video expanded general extent, giving a front line advantage with most extreme levels of FPV clarity.

With an aggregate of accessible channels, the True-D is hyper-adaptable, offering Manual Channel Setup, Auto Search Mode and Working Channel Mode. These distinctive determinations furnish the end client with aggregate control, permitting you to choose what works the absolute best with regards to your FPV frameworks.

Tired of burning through 30+ minutes programming your goggles? So are we, which is the reason we Easy View - an ultra basic interface that uses a little LCD screen for all setup usefulness. With the utilization of a simple to change switch, you can quickly find each capacity the True-D offers, giving moment levels of setup and alteration with a basic push of the finger.

Minimal and intended to be housed inside the FatShark Dominator goggle sets, the Furious True-D framework is a genuine "attachment and play" setup that will pay monstrous benefits with regards to stretching your FPV as far as possible. With this level of differences innovation pressed inside a simple to utilize framework, you are minutes from the absolute best FPV redesign accessible today, giving epic levels of FPV clarity.

What's New?

  • Ergonomic new plastic injection cover
  • Better protection mechanic to protect  the OLED screen in transportation
  • New locking system implemented between True-D board to prevent short circuit
  • USB plug-in without removing the plastic cover


  • Smooth Switch Video Switching Technology
  • True Diversity System Functionality
  • Multiple Channel Modes - Auto, Manual & Working Modes
  • Ultra Compact
  • Raceband Channel Ready
  • Built-in Easy View LCD Screen for the Ultimate in Setup Ease
  • Single Press Button via FatShark Goggles or TRUE-D System
  • Ergonomic & Robust 3 Button Layout
  • Power On / Power Off Functionality To Conserve Power & Reduce Thermal Loading
  • Increased RSSI with Better Antenna Switching Algorithm
  • Built-in Low Power Buzzer
  • Separate Modules To Decrease Thermal Loading
  • New Micro USB type B Port for Easy Firmware Updates

Benefits of True Diversity

  • 2 receivers working as one unit, improving video clarity and overall range
  • Searches for the highest quality signal for maximum clarity
  • Having the ability to have 8 working channels
  • Instant swicthing between antennas for the best signal strength
  • Ready to race with built in Rcaeband frequencies
  • Designed specifically for the FatShark Dominator V2 & V3 goggles, the True-D optimizes the very best in FPV technology with the pinnacle in video clarity.

Includes :

  • 1 x Furious FPV TRUE-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System
  • 1 x Plastic Cover
  • 1 x 45 Degree SMA connector
  • 1 x 90 Degree SMA connector

What Does Diversity Do For Me?

A Diversity receiver system is (2) receivers built into (1) package, allowing the pilot to choose (2) very different antenna systems for maximum levels of video range & clarity.

The most common antenna used is an omni-directional circular polarized antenna, which provides a specified element of range all around you. However, this radius of video range is limited, and after a specified distance, the video signal will degrade and fall away.

With a Diversity receiver, a 2nd antenna system can be used, allowing a more directional antenna to be chosen for much greater range. Directional antennas far outpace omni directional antennas in overall distance, and even though the beam pattern is more narrow than an omni antenna, directional antennas will certainly increase the given range available, equating to solid video clarity without frustrating signal losses.

With Diversity, you don't need to choose (1) antenna style over another. By pairing (2) vastly different antenna systems for a perfect mix of range and video clarity, the TRUE-D Diversity system rapidly switches between the (2) built in receivers, allowing the best overall signal strength to be utilized for maximum video clarity.

True Diversity Technology

With (2) receivers working together as (1), your video clarity & overall range is optimized as the TRUE-D Diversity system actively searches for the highest signal quality for maximum video clarity. Add an upgraded & optimized RSSI, and the V3 TRUE-D performs like never before with the very best antenna switching algorithms.

Smooth Switch Video

Instantaneously switching between antennas for optimum signal strength, Smooth Switch technology keeps your head in the race with the very best video quality available.

Updated 3 Button Layout

Stronger, easier and even more functional, we've incorporated an all new 3 button layout, allowing easy access to the entire TRUE-D menu. This allows easy access with the goggles on or off, providing an intuitive and robust interface that is simple and easy to use.

Easy View Simplicity

Make FPV ultra simple with Easy View technology. With Easy View, you are a finger press away from every adjustment you could possibly need, displayed in an easy to ready layout - all with the ease and simplicity of our new 3 button layout.

Push Button Power Up

To better conserve battery power and limit thermal loading, the TRUE-D V3 can be powered on & off via the stock FatShark button interface, or via the TRUE-D system itself. This allows you to have the TRUE-D in use when you need it and powered down when you don't, saving precious battery power for FPV that matters.

Working Mode

Offering you the ability to save (8) total channels, Working Mode makes it easy for you to choose the best channel based upon past preferences for the best known performance.

Manual Mode

Straightforward and to the point, Manual Mode gives you complete control, allowing you to select any of the (40) channels available for optimum FPV.

Auto Mode

Make life simple. With Auto Mode, the TRUE-D system does all the work for you by locking onto the video frequency being used, allowing you to simply fly without fuss or bother.

40 Channel Ready

Optimized with a total of (40) available channels, the TRUE-D covers all the bases, allowing you to use nearly any video transmitter available today.

Ready, Set, Raceband

Ready to race with built in Raceband frequencies, the TRUE-D incorporates Raceband support for track ready application.

Dominate the Dominators

Designed specifically for the FatShark Dominator V2 & V3 goggles, the TRUE-D optimizes the very best in FPV technology with the pinnacle in video clarity.

Firmware Simplified with All New USB

Making life easy, the all new V3 TRUE-D incorporates a built in USB port, allowing firmware updates to be smooth, simple and to the point. Incorporate this with an all new easier to use updated firmware, the TRUE-D V3 is the easiest and most powerful diversity system on the market today.

Technical Specification

Additional Information

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