FUSION Smart Guard 2 Lithium Battery Checker & Balancer (FS-BC05)

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Digital lithium battery capacity checker with advanced monitoring features and integrated balancer.

 Li-Po Li-FeLi-IonNiCdNiMH
Input Cells 2~7 2~7 2~7 4~7 4~7
Total VoltageYesYesYesYesYes
Total / Cell battery capacity (0~99% ) YesYes Yes *Yes*Yes
Individual Battery Cell Voltage YesYes YesNoNo
Lowest Cell Voltage YesYesYesNoNo
Highest Cell Voltage YesYesYesNoNo
Voltage Difference Between
Highest and Lowest Cell Voltages

* The battery capacity readings for NiCd & NiMh cells are ony an estimate and should not be relied upon.N.B. The Smart Guard connects directly to JST-XH and JST-EH type balance connectors. Please use theO-FS-BATPbalance board withO-FS-BLEADfor Thunderpower/Flightpower orO-FS-BAPQwithO-FS-BLEADfor Polyquest type connectors.

Fusion Smart Guard 2 Digital Battery Capcity Checker, Discharger & Balancer Specifications
  •  : Li-Po
  • Input Cells: 2~7
  • Total Voltage: Yes
  • Total / Cell battery capacity (0~99% ): Yes
  • Individual Battery Cell Voltage: Yes
  • Lowest Cell Voltage: Yes
  • Highest Cell Voltage: Yes
  • Voltage Difference BetweenHighest and Lowest Cell Voltages: Yes
manufacturer FUSION