Optifuel Optimix Race 16% Nitro Car Fuel 2.5 Litres

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UPDATED SUPER LITE FUEL MIX! All Optifuel Race blends have been reformulated into the exclusive Super Lite blend, featuring an all-new thinner oil for lower viscosity, to give you improved performance in all conditions! Since the original release of the Optifuel RTR and Race fuels, the Optifuel team has been refining and perfecting the fuel mix with Europe's top racers to provide a fuel that is more efficient, extra-stable and very tunable for racers at all levels. The Super Lite fuel blends will give you improved cooling over the original Optifuel blend, faster throttle response and easier fuel flow from tank to engine. Super Lite fuels are extremely thin - the original Optifuel was already 4 times thinner than traditional nitromethane fuel blends, and the new Super Lite fuel is 10 times thinner than that! Finally, the film strength of the Super Lite fuel is the same as before, so the lubrication and protection characteristics are unchanged from the original amazing Optifuel mixes. All the part numbers remain the same so you can order the same fuels as before.

Designed for Racing We have tested dozens of different oil and nitro-methane formulations before selecting Klotz synthetic oils to produce the ideal fuel for diehard racers! Klotz is one of the most renowned racing oil brands in the world. Klotz oils feature very low viscosity and flow smoothly through the carburettor to give the very best burn efficiency. This allows the nitro-methane to release maximum power and torque for each of our custom-tuned nitro blends.

Tested to Perform OptiFuel drivers and RC professionals have spent hundreds of hours to determine the best-performing race fuels. Their input has given us the ability to provide a fuel that is perfect for all combinations of racing engines and tuned pipes.

Race-Bred The Optimix Race blend is formulated for more power, maximum speed, extra cooling, longer runtime and easier tuning compared to all other racing fuel brands. Experienced racers will find Optimix Race to be extremely efficient with up to 10% longer run times compared to leading race brands giving you the competitive edge in pit stop strategy. The exclusive oils in Optimix Race give you a consistent tuning window even in changing conditions. This leaves you more


  • New Super Lite ultra-thin high-end race blend
  • Optimum performance
  • Smoother transition low to high power
  • Excellent throttle response
  • Superior Fuel Economy
  • Metric litre bottles contains 32% more than US gallon bottles
  • Quality Synthetic Klotz oils giving improved lubrication, lower friction, anti scuff protection, rust inhibitor, more efficient burning and reduced running temperature
  • Developed and manufactured in UK
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