Optifuel Optimix RTR 25% Nitro Car Fuel 1 Litre - OP1007

£7.69 £9.49 RRP

Optimix RTR 25% is 25% nitromethane with 15% fully synthetic oil from KLOTZ.

This is a very high performance RTR fuel for general use in all nitro car engines. The tuning band on RTR fuels are wider and therefore a little less critical.

This fuel is identical to HPI Power Fuel, and ideal for use in HPI aswell as Traxxas, Thunder Tiger, Hobao and many other nitro engines.

Designed for ease of starting and ease of tuning, Optifuel uses specially developed Klotz synthetic oils as used by many other top nitro fuel manufacturers.

Optifuel also features a slightly higher oil content than many other fuels, providing a much needed safety net for those who are perhaps less experiened with tuning nitro engines. 

This higher oil content will also help to extend the performance of your nitro engine long into the future.

manufacturer Optifuel