Losi Hinge Pins,(2) 1/8 x .960,Ti-Nitride (LosiA6086)

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Overview Team Losi’s new Titanium Nitride Hinge Pins give racers maximum wear resistance and smooth operation in even the worst conditions. They’re machined from hardened drill blank steel and then treated with a special Titanium Nitride coating that reduces friction and hardens the surface. Compatible Products Losi Hinge Pins, 1/8 x .960", Ti-Nitride (2) LOSA6086 is compatible with LOS03002, LOS03003, LOSA0076, LOSA0846, LOSB0101, LOSB0102, LOSB0106, LOSB0106BD, LOSB0107, LOSB0108, LOSB0109, LOSB0109JS, LOSB0110, LOSB0112, LOSB0113, LOSB0115, LOSB0125, LOSK0077
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