Matek FCHUB-A w/ Current Sensor 120A & 200A Range, No BEC

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Mateks FCHUB-A PDB can be applied with a 3-6s LiPo batery to 4 ESCs, at the same time it can provide regulated, but doesn't have BEC. Combining this PDB with the F411 Mini will imrpove your overall performance . It can power Cameras, Receivers, Flight Controllers, VTX, LEDs and more!


  • - Designed for RC Receivers, Flight Controllers, OSD and Servos.
  • - Current: 1.2A (Scale is 275
  • - Short-circuit tolerant ( 2 Seconds/minuate)
  • Current Sensor Module
  • - Max. Range: 200A

What's Included ?

  • 1 x FCHUB-A PDB Board
  • 6 x M3 Nylon Nuts
  • 6 x M3*11 Screws
manufacturer Matek

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