MyLiPo MMW Insane Coreless 14KV Brushed Motors (4pcs)

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Brand: MyLipo
Part Number: MyLiPo-MMW-Insane-Coreless-14KV-Motors
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All round great motor which allows you to have great fun while piloting. These motors have great power and efficiency behind them!


  • speed: 14.000Kv
  • operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
  • max. thrust: 15g (direct drive)
  • 1.0A load current at 3.7V (direct drive)

What's Included?

  • 2 X CCW (counter clockwise) Motors
  • 2 x CW (clockwise) Motors

Please note: wire color coding is reversed from the stock motors. (Blade has decided to code their motors differently to everyone else in the industry..) Please click here for installation instructions! (Inductrix and Nano QX have the same motor positions)


Run at least 3 batteries through these at no more than 50% throttle to seat the brushes. Failure to break in will void warranty (Break in video needed for warranty claim)

manufacturer MyLipo