PRO BOAT ESC/Receiver 2.4GHz, WP, V4: Impulse 9, Blackjack (PRO BOAT18001)

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Please Note: ECX version 4 (V4) transmitters and receivers use a different protocol than V2 and V3. If you are upgrading to a V4 transmitter, make sure the corresponding receiver in your vehicle is V4 and vice versa. Click Here for more information.

Compatible Products Pro Boat 2.4GHz ESC/Receiver, Waterproof, V4: Impulse 9, Blackjack 9 PRB18001 is compatible with PRB08000, PRB08001

Blackjack 9/Impulse ESC/Receiver 2.4GHz WP V2 Specfications:

  • Band: 2.4GHz
manufacturer PRB