Racerstar 615 6x15mm 59000RPM Coreless Motor for Micro Drones (1 Pcs)

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Brand: Racerstar
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Racerstars micro 615 motors can be used for near enough all micro drones giving them the extra boost. Super light weighing in at only 1.8g per motor, comes with a 1.25mm connector for an easy connection to your escs/board.


  • 1) Please use the motor in this technology index range for the performance of the motor is affected by environmental temperature seriously.
  • 2) It is not allowed to operate in the high temperature with high humidity, and not allowed to contact with corrosive liquid and corrosive gas, should not be stored and without running Continuously for more than six months
  • 3) Do not lock the motor shaft while the electric is on. The motor will be burnt out after the motor shaft was locked for more than 1 second.
  • 4) Do not hit the motor directly.
    • 1 x Racerstar 615 6x15mm 59000RPM Coreless Motor
manufacturer Racerstar