SkyRC Sch Racing Star 17A eFuel Power Supply (SK-200017-01)

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Super Compact Size EFUEL 230W/17A Power Supply

The eFUEL can convert standard household power 100-240V AC to 13.8V DC power and supply a maximum 17 Amps of continuous power. It delivers smooth and reliable power and is an ideal companion to the Racing Star RS16 Charger or RacingStar RSTW Tire Warmer as it will dock directly without the use of messy DC cables.

It can also be used with any other DC charger using the industry standard 4mm connectors.

Racing Star 17A eFuel Power Supply Features:

  • All-new Design
  • Active PFC
  • Two DC Outputs
  • AC Input 100-240V
  • Nine LED indicators
  • 5V / 2.1A USB Ports
  • Smart Cooling Fan
  • Direct Plug eFuel Docking System

manufacturer SkyRC Sch