Rebel Limited Edition 2306 1800KV Motors

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Race with reliability, durable, powerful and the speed to meet all needs.

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Rebel Limited Edition Motors

Rebel Mini Quads have released this Matte Red limited edition motor which show great design finnese. No matter if you're doing freestyle or racing or even causually flying around, Rebel have designed this for every pilots needs. Exceeding all expectations, this motor has been redesigned to perfection, providing you with a durable, reliable, easy swap in motor which we call the speed demon. Top quality performance and quality, made from the start to give you that speed and power without any sacrifices.


  • -Titanium hollow shaft design
  • -Replaceable motor wires
  • -NMB Japanese Bearings
  • -100% T7 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • -High Quality Ultra High Temp Magnets, Copper, and Glues rated at an operating temperature of over 260 fh

What's Included?

  • 1 x Rebel Limited Edition 2306 1800KV Motor

manufacturer Rebel

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