Rotorious ZOOT Mini FPV Frame (2 Inch)

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Rotorious ZOOT Frame (2 Inch)




Micro FPV has really taken off in the last 2 years, with a huge boost in the market when it comes to component choice. Having specialised in micro FPV frames for years, we couldn't help but notice the fat micro trend. To achieve more power, 10g motors and 100g batteries are not an uncommon sight, needing beefy frames weighing as much as 60g and up to support this weight. 

When fighting gravity, weight is the biggest contributor to performance characteristics, to be more specific, power to weight ratio. However, lightweight micros handle very differently to heavy ones, even if the power to weight ratio is the same, still with me? Some people like thier micros feeling like the larger quads they are used to, some of us prefer the feeling of something more nimble and agile. 

New frames are often beefed up to support the heavier components, which doesn’t suit the lightweight style of building, so we focused on producing something capable of supporting the 2 differing build styles, The Zoot. 

The Zoot frame kit is 23g using the 11XX arm pack, this is half the weight of a lot of unibody frames out there, yet this one has individually replaceable arms, so you can choose the arm to suit your build. The Zoot has options for 2 and 3” arms for 11XX motors as well as a thicker 3” arm with a 13XX/14XX motor mount pattern, for those beefier builds

The Zoot is supported with a variety of practical accessories to make your build easy and straight-forward. The scuff guard soft-mounts protect your frame from scuffs as well as reducing vibrations from your motors. The XT30 mount fits to the battery strap and can be used in multiple positions, keeping the power lines off antennas, to keep signal shading and interference to a minimum. The rear antenna mount keeps antennas in the optimal position, away from carbon signal shading, at 90 degrees from one another, for best reception exposure and clear from props. We have also produced an Axii UFL antenna mount and a lightweight HD camera mount for SQ12 and Firefly HD DVR cameras, these are available as option extras, more accessories will also be made available as needed. 


  • Only 23g with individually replaceable arms 
  • Highest quality Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber used throughout 
  • Premium custom made 7075 grade M3 aluminium hardware 
  • For 11XX motors, up-to 13XX/14XX with the heavy-duty arm pack 
  • 20mm M2 & M3 flight controller/stack mounting pattern 
  • 25mm stack height 
  • Will take any micro CCD camera with any lens type, including Runcam Split 
  • High quality 3d printed TPU accessories and antenna tubing included 
  • Zip tie mount points on the base, for long ranges antennas and race transponders 
  • Battery can be mounted sideways when using optional HD camera mount 


  • 1x Base and Top Plate Pack 
  • 1x Arm Pack 
  • 1x Hardware pack (10x Screws, 4x Standoffs, 2x Antenna Tubes, 2x Antenna Caps) 
  • 1x TPU Printed Accessories Pack (Camera Mount, Scuff Guard Motor Soft-mounts, RX and FPV Antenna Mount)

If you’re looking for a complete build we have a great power pack designed around this frame, click here for more details

If you have any questions, or just want to show off your build, check out the Rotorious FPV facebook group:  

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