Shen Drones Mixuko (Display Model)

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Shen Drones High quality carbon fiber "X" frame

Shen Drones have released another FPV frame called the Mixuko . The Mixuko is a carbon fiber 'X' frame which fits 5" props and also as a 4mm monoplate. Mixuko is a pure race quad, designed specifically to NOT carry an HD cam.

The Mixuko is flexible for pilots because the FPV cam angle is fully adjustable without the use of tools because it uses a friction fit system.

Shen Drones High quality 'X' carbon fiber 180 frame. Mixuko FPV frame fits will fit 5" propellers and with a built-in, fully adjustable FPV camera angle without the need of tools. Also a friction fit system is another feature of Shen drones Mixuko

manufacturer Shen Drones