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  1. DYN EC3 Battery To EC2 Device (DYNC0020)
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  2. DYN Start Up Tool Set: Proboat (DYNT0502)

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15 Items

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Maintain, Upgrade & Hop Up

It's one thing owning and running the coolest RC Boat in the world, but eventually you will need to replace parts due to normal wear and tear, or a crash of some kind. Let's face it, RC Boat crashes happen to the best of us, and here at MIBI we have solutions for all eventualities. We will get your RC Boat back up and running as fast as possible.

Stock Pro Boat Impulse 9 replacement parts can be ordered direct from our dedicated Spared Section, and usually all you need is the parts number taken from the Pro Boat Impulse 9 dedicated product Manual. Many Pro Boat Impulse 9 spares are held in stock, however due to the sheer volume of spares across our whole range, we may at times need to order direct from Pro Boat especially when a particular Spare is in high demand.

Stronger, Better, Faster

But there are other options too. Most manufacturers also make Option Parts or Upgrades. These Upgrades offer either a Performance Enhancement, Increased Durability or simply an Enhanced Aesthetic. Replacing plastic components for Alloy versions increases Durability and reduces Flex. Adding Bearings to replace Bushes reduces Friction. Most Upgrades are a much higher price than their stock replacement Parts, but in terms of Performance, Looks or Durability, well worth the premium.

Lastly there are Hop Ups. Just like Upgrades they enhance Durability, Looks or Performance. Hop Ups tend to be made by Third Party Manufacturers, who specialise in producing a wide range of Hop Ups across a specific genre of RC, and multiple brands. Hop Ups may often not look as refined or be branded like manufacturer Upgrades, but they often offer a more Cost Effective and Robust solution to the part, or parts they replace.