T Motor F40 Pro II 2400KV Adamantium Grey

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Brand: Tiger motor
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The F40 PRO II has taken elements from small motor bases to another level. T Motor have reduced the thickness of the base plate by 2mm, which has decreased the weight to just 29.5g including cables and a low KV variant for 5". 6" and 7" props for max efficiency during long-range flights. The PRO V2 series has a new high-temperature resistant silver windings, a super feature that ensures the windings won't immediately melt during high power manoeuvres. The new temperature resistant has increased by 33%.

As they're so small and light you don't expect the performance to be this staggering. Some of the other great features of the F40 Pro V2 Include an anti-slip design on top of the rotor which prevents props slipping during the hard acceleration and the brand new titanium allow steel shaft secured by a screw for easy servicing. In a move that is almost a first for T-motor.

Whats Included?

  • M5 lock nut
  • Mounting screws
  • Spare screw and washer for servicing

f40 Pro II specs
manufacturer Tiger motor