T Motor F60III 2350KV Racing Motor

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Brand: Tiger motor
Part Number: tiger-motor-f60iii-2350kv-racing-motor

The TMotor has been designed for FPV Racing and to optimize performance to the highest extent. The F60 V3 has been designed from the classic U5 motor, with custom curved magnets and optimized magnetic circuit for a stable and efficient output, increasing max. The Thurst power is around 250G. The F60III also comes with varnished wires and a centrifugal design for high-temperature resistance with a cooling reduction of 10°C by moving air more effectively inside the motor. This allows you to push the motor to the extreme with the result of incredible power!

What's Included ?

  • 1 x F60III 2350Kv Motor
  • 1 x Hardware Pack(Screws)
manufacturer Tiger motor