Team Associated RC8 Factory Team 0.5 Degree Toe-In Bushings

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Brand: Team Associated
Part Number: AS89045
EAN: 784695890459
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This is a optional Team Associated .5° Toe-In Hinge Pin Bushing Set, and is intended for use with the RC8B or RC8T CE 1/8 vehicles. These can also be used with the rest of the RC8 family of 1/8 vehicles when used with the #89463 D-Plate. These bushings Adjust the rear toe-in to 2.5° or 3.5° per side, allowing a wider range of tuning options to suit a variety of track conditions.


  • CNC-machined plastic
  • For use with #89463 RC8B aluminum D-plate
  • Use indicator arrow on back of bushing: When arrow points to center of car = 2.5° toe. When arrow points to outside of car = 3.5° toe.
  • Hinge pin hole is 0.5mm offset from 1-dot bushing. Can be used anywhere on the car for more fine adjustments
  • 4 bushings per package

Part Compatibility:
  • Team Associated SC8 
  • Team Associated RC8B 
  • Team Associated RC8.2 
  • Team Associated RC8.2e 
  • Team Associated RC8.2 RS 
  • Team Associated RC8 
  • Team Associated RC8T 
  • manufacturer Team Associated