TLR 5x8x2.5mm Bearings (2) (TLR237000)

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Compatible Products Team Losi Racing 5x8x2.5mm Bearings (2) TLR237000 is compatible with LOS03000, LOS03001, LOS03005, LOS03007T1, LOS03007T2, LOS04002, LOS04004, LOSA0015, LOSA0032, LOSA0095, LOSA0096, LOSA0255, LOSA0285, LOSA0287, LOSA0887, LOSB0010, LOSB0012, LOSB0012LE, LOSB0015, LOSB0016, LOSB0020, LOSB0021, LOSB0101, LOSB0122, LOSB0126, LOSB0127, LOSB0128, LOSB0289, LOSB3594, TLR0022, TLR0023, TLR0024, TLR0129, TLR03000, TLR03002, TLR03003, TLR03004, TLR03005, TLR03006, TLR03008, TLR03009, TLR03010, TLR03011, TLR03013, TLR03014, TLR03015, TLR0900, TLR232000
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