TRAXXAS Driveshafts, Revo/Maxx (steel constant-velocity) (4) (TRX5451R)

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The stock Revo® and T-Maxx® driveshafts are already engineered to take tons of abuse with minimal maintenance, but upgrading to Traxxas Steel CV Driveshafts permits even more hardcore action. With superior durability and innovative design, these shafts eliminate the weaknesses that cause other shafts to fail. Both inner and outer U-joints are lubricated and sealed by a rubber boot to protect against the dirt and grime that cause wear. The U-joint pins are held captive by a lightweight aluminum sleeve so you never have to worry about losing a pin. Computer-aided design allows the shafts to handle the extreme articulation generated by Revo and T-Maxx's giant suspension travel. Dogbone plunge over the entire range of suspension travel is kept to the absolute minimum. The ultra performance look is enhanced by the nickel plated steel shafts, blue silicone boots, and red-anodized aluminum accents. Because they are manufactured by Traxxas, you can count on a perfect fit; efficient, smooth running; Traxxas tough durability; and unmatched support. These are simply the most advanced steel CV driveshafts available. Fits T-Maxx models 4902, 4909, and Revo models 5310, 5309.

manufacturer TRAXXAS