They say an artist is only ever as good as his paintbrush, we say a driver is only ever as good as they're tyres. Without the most appropriate tyres for your own driving style, you simply cannot expect to improve your driving and get that time or rip that turf up. That's why make it build it have worked around the clock to assemble a market-leading collection of RC tyres for you to choose from. Wether you're looking for a 2WD or 4WD tyres we have a big range to suit your style. We also have a different selection of styles of remote controlled tyres to choose from which some will help you grip to the surface better see an example below of all types from slick, full spikes, mini pins and mini spikes.

Slicks suit tarmac and pavement surfaces, this will improve your ride allowing you to have a smooth drive.

Full spikes suit mud and wet grass terrains, the spikes on the tyres will help you get a grip on the softer messy terrains

Mini pins suit the carpet, especially deeper pile surfaces, gripping to the fabric will help you power through

Mini spikes suit most terrains, an all-round good tyre which are very versatile

RC models belong to different groups and some of which cross over, RC car users have their cars and trucks to race, bash and crawl. Torque and the ability to ride over various terrains is a crucial part more than speed is on off road rc cars, rock crawling would be a prime example of this. We have built a chart of which terrains suit every style of car.

Pavement terrain suits the following cars; Buggy, civilian car, drift car, monster truck, rock crawler, short course, truck and stadium truck, mainly any rc car or truck can be driven on pavement as its a very versatile terrain that doesn't cause much issues.

Grass tracks surfaces suit monster trucks, rock crawler, short course, truck and stadium truck as these rc trucks and cars have great suspension and height to go over the grass without causing any issues, paired with the right tyres and you'll have a great time.

Sand dune terrain suits cars such as Buggy, monster truck, rock crawler, short course truck and stadium truck, as the sand dunes terrain is commonly known to be bumpy you need a good suspension to deal with that and these rc cars are perfect for the job.

Dirt and gravel terrain requires buggy, monster truck, rock crawler, short course, truck and stadium trucks and you will need the right tyres for the job else you're going to have a bumpy ride

The wheels and tyres of any rc truck or car are going to take a beating no matter which you use, and all new RC models comes with installed tires, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to them, as they may not be the best choice for the model. The tires of your rc car or truck will be responsible for grip and can also effect speed, other are knobbly to the extreme, and there are other between the two so browse through our range and find your perfect tyre.

At make it build it we provide only the best brands for tyres as we don't want you replacing your tyres every time you go out with your rc cars or trucks, the brands we stock have been developing and manufacturing rc tyres for years, they all have been cherry picked from a wide range of brands and these are the ones that we think provide the best possible tyres for rc racing, bashing and crawling.