CAA Licence

Drone Training to secure CAA PfCO (formerly PfAW)

For anyone who's looking to get their CAA License needs to know if they really need it. Well, you only need to be CAA Certified if you wish to carry out commercial operations, in simple terms, making money from using drones. If you're just using the drone for fun, creative purposes then feel free to fly within the general guidelines.

What are the steps to getting the CAA Certificate?

If you want to get your CAA License to operate commercially then you'll need to register with a provider you decide to go with and then you'll start the CAA licensing course, it could take anywhere between 3 to 12 months to complete and there's 3 stages to the course:

Day 1
the introduction for both new and experienced pilots. By the end of the day you'll know your IMU from your EMC's, the difference between course lock and home lock. Which drone is best suited to you and you'll learn the importance of weather patterns and aviation charts.

Day 2
The course will start with an explanation of Airlaw, then will progress onto an in-depth session on airman ship and the human factors of aviation. Then will lead into a recap session as you'll move onto the Operations Manual. This is a very important document that every business that operates with a drone needs. It contains all the health and safety information, managerial and technical procedures specific to how you operate the drone. After it will be followed by a risk assessment as well as a pre-flight

Day 3
The morning wll consist of you planning an exercise before you move on to the theory exam. Once you passed the Ground school you'll take a Pilot practical Assessment before completing the Ops Manual. Finalising this document is the trainee's responsibility. You will then be able to secure a PfCO (previously PfAW) from the CAA as a form of drone licence.

Day 4
This is an optional day that some CAA licensing company have as an additional part of the course. The day could consist of you having more practice with the drone or even brushing up on your theory skills. It's not a requirement of the course to attend on day 4..

You're now ready to go commercially operate your drone for the first time!