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Bait Boats

Bait boats are a great edge for the modern-day carp anglers. Bait Boats are able to accurately bait and deliver rigs to spots that you can't physically reach otherwise, and some boats have echo sounders or sonar that will help find the spots in the first place. If you've ever had a remote controlled car before they work very similar, expect one works on land and one works in water, operated by a remote control handset which pilots to boat to the spot. Bait boats drop your rig by using a hopper on the boat, operated by a switch on your handset.

In the past few years the functions on bait boats have been improving all the time, the early models of the bait boats allowed you just to drop the bait and rig but todays standards they are capable of echo sounders and sonar technology, this transmits back to the handset or mobile device showing the carp angler a topography of the lake bed, answering how deep the lake is and the lake bed structure, is it weedy, gravel or silty and sometimes bait boats can even read water temperatures.

GPS is another feature of some bait boats, but can be purchased at a later date. Global Positioning System (GPS) and when used in conjunction with a bait boat it allows the angler to program exactly where they have positioned their rigs using a number of satellites passing overhead, these co-ordinates can be stored in the GPS and this allows the angler to send the bait boat back out to the exact spot every time.

Not only used for positioning baits and rigs, carp anglers use bait boats to map out the swim without disturbing the water and potentially scaring the fish, bait boats map the lake by using a stealthy echo sounders or sonar, which is considerably quicker than using a market float set up.

At Make It Build It we stock a range of rc bait boats and a range of accessories for you to upgrade with, including sonars, echo sounders, GPS systems, spare batteries, carry bags and everything else you need. if you are unsure about what bait boat is best for you, pick up the phone or send us a message, we are here to help!