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Here at MIBI we want to bring out the Rocketeer in all of you. With our vast range of Launch Sets, Rocket Kits, Motors and Accessories. From compressed air to Combustion powered, we have something that will suit all ages, abilities and pockets.

Air Rockets

Air Powered Rockets offer a Compressed Air Rocket experience without the need of additional paraphernalia that more traditional Rockets require. But don't be fooled by their title, Estes Air Rockets can still reach heights of 150 feet or more. They simplify the whole process and require no Electricity, Rocket Motors, Wadding or Starters. They offer a simple, clean and repeatable rocketry experience suitable for anyone 10 and above, but again with parental supervision suggested for all children under 12.

Air Rockets are High Power Projectiles NOT for children under 10 years. DO NOT AIM AT EYES OR FACE.

Rocket Kits

Additional Model Rocket Kits can be bought separately in a variety of sizes and styles. Estes Rocket Kits are world famous, and designed of lightweight materials such as Cardboard Tubing, Balsa Wood and Plastic. Fins attach to the body tube and help provide guidance and additional stability in flight. An engine mount assembly holds the engine in place during flight in most models. With over 60 years and 500 million successful launches Estes thoroughly test each and every product to comply with International safety standards. Model rocketry is recommended for those ages 10 and above, but with parental supervision suggested for kids under the age of 12.

Also required to complete and fly your choice of rocket are: - The Recommended model rocket engines, Starters and Recovery Wadding, Basic Tools, Construction and Finishing supplies for the Rockets, and 4 new AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries for the Launch Controller itself.

Launch Sets

Our comprehensive range of Estes Launch Sets are by far the easiest route into model rocketry. Each launch set contains a Model Rocket (or two), and a complete, high tech Estes Rocket Launcher system. In addition to the fun of building, then launching and recovery of your own model rocket, Estes flying model rockets have significant STEM educational value. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Model rocketry can spark an early interest in STEM related subjects, which in turn can lead to exciting careers in aeronautics and engineering.

Rocket Accessories

Its one thing buying an Estes Launch Kit or Rockets, but you will still require additional ">Rocket Accessories before you start your countdown to launch. We offer a wide range of Rocketry consumables and spares. From Parachutes to spare Body Tubes, Nose Cones, the essential Model Rocket Starters, Recovery Wadding and for when not reaching for the stars, Display Stands to keep your fleet safe and ready for action and their next mission.

Rocket Motors

Traditional rockets require Estes Rocket Engines, or as some call them; Model Rocket Motors. Rocket Motors come in a variety of sizes and power ratings ranging from Mini, to Standard and then by Alphabetical Letter based on size and power. You must always use the recommended Motor or range of motors for your model of Rocket, as each aspect of the equation works in harmony with each other to produce the best flight times, height and accuracy of trajectory. Always read the list of recommended Motors printed clearly on all Estes Launch Kit and Rocket Kit boxes.

Rocket Maintenance

Like all other forms of aero flight, this aspect of the hobby will require both routine maintenance and occasionally repairs. It's always wise to keep a supply of basic tools and repair materials, such as: - Paper, Card, Balsa Wood and Plastic Sheet. Adhesives such as Cyno and Epoxy, Double Sided and Fibreglass Tape, Paints and Brushes. This way you will ensure that you can maintain and also on-the-spot repair your Rocket when required.
As ever, if in doubt about any aspect of becoming a Rocketeer, just ask one of our MIBI team for honest, informed advice, and get ready to start your first countdown in record time!