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Electric On Road RC Cars

RC Cars have been around since around mid-1966, with the first model being a ferrari 250lm made by the Italian electronics company, El-Gi (Elettronica Giocattoli). Ever since then we’ve used them for entertainment or racing, competing against each other for the thrill of winning on both a professional and casual level.

How do rc cars work 

How do they work? If you’ve ever driven a normal car they work very similar to that, especially the new breed of electric cars. RC cars are operated by a remote-control handset that the user pilots, controlling the throttle and steering with either a twin stick or trigger and wheel handset. Remote controllers as standard were initially very basic but with advancements in technology they've become compact intelligent devices. Some have advanced features to tune aspects like throttle curves and breaking proportions or even differing steering rates, for speed vs technical courses, to give a driver the edge over their competition.

The progression of RC Cars

Over the years the design and features of RC cars have brought them much closer to their full-size counterparts and with modern technology improving all the time, RC cars by today’s standards can be almost complex as the regular cars you see on everyday roads.

Many on road radio controlled cars will have different specs, some for casual cruising and others for speed on the race track. Factors that help with having the fastest RC car on the track would be suspension, wheels, adjusting gear ratio, reducing weight, motors, batteries and lots of practise.

Drivers now will practise for many hours on end, spending their time honing skills to become the fastest on the track just like F1 drivers do. This can result in many crashes and repairs trying to get that cornering perfect. If you do happen to crash and need a part then luckily we’re stocked up on spares for many brands across the range, some of the big brands we stock include Schumacher Racing, Associated and HPI Racing. These brands have established themselves as the Ferrari and Mercedes of the RC world making them highly known for their racing cars.

Here at Make It Build It we have a wide range for you to choose from, a range full of accessories and kits whether that be Assembled (RTR), Part Assembled (ARTR) or Un-Assembled (KIT), for all skill levels, from beginner through to expert.