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Piloting an rc plane is one of the most popular hobbies and that's no surprise to us. The thrill of flying your own ultra micro rc plane and performing aerobatic maneuvers like inside loops, outside loops gets your heart racing. Around the globe people know how much skill is required to fly a micro rc plane either indoors or outdoors.

If this is going to be your first remote controlled plane then we recommend to start out by using a trainer plane or a flight simulator, this will allow you to learn the basics and essential fundamentals to building your confidence on the sticks. Once your flying abilities are there and you're confident in what you do then a micro indoor rc plane would be perfect for the next step up, or outdoor plane if you're feeling extra confident.

Micro remote control planes now are around 15cm in size or less, and will have around 30 minutes flight time in the air, which is a lot compared to the size of this mini plane. Micro rc planes are great are they can fly in different conditions, reaching for those places other rc vehicles can't. While they're small don't count them out for the accessories and advanced functions they have.

These palm sized planes come in different packages such as RTF, Bind n' fly and sometimes kits, once they're out the box they will need some assembly such as connecting props and other components before taking the first flight. At Make it build it we stock a wide range of parkzone micro rc planes as well as other brands like EFL, Volanex, BLH, Axion, and more