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RC Cars

Electric Off Road RC Car

By far our most popular form of RC Car is Electric Off Road. They're also the most versatile vehicles to own and run, as there are many more places you can give them a run out in. They soak up the terrain with their suspension, can jump, and on the right surfaces even drift and power slide. With the advent of low maintenance Brushless Motor Technology and Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries, waterproof electrics and 2.4GHz radio gear, electric RC has never had the run times, range or outright performance it has today. With 2WD and 4WD variants, Kits, ARTR (Almost Ready To Run) and Pre Assembled RTR (Ready To Run).

Electric On Road RC Car

Our On Road Electric Car range is all about speed and handling. Often more realistic looking, On Road RC Cars bring out the racer in all of us. Modern Brushless and LiPo powered Electric Radio controlled cars are now capable of speeds that once were unheard of in hobby Grade RC. Choose a style of vehicle that most excites you, and get ready to experience the thrill of On Road motorsport at a price that won't break the bank.

All types of Electric On Road can can be purchased as fully assembled vehicles (RTR), Part Assembled (ARTR), Self Build Kits, and in both 2WD & 4WD variants. On Road allows you to own and run Radio controlled cars that in the real world we may never get the chance to. From F1, to Outlaw Class Dragsters, Touring RC Cars, Drift RC Cars and all points in between, just consider where you can run it and embrace the fun, head on!

Nitro Off Road

Like the noise, smell and power of a real IC engine? MIBI has you covered with our range of Nitro powered IC engine Off Road RC Cars. From full on race Buggies to Trucks, Nitro offers a more visceral experience that truly encapsulates the essence of full sized Off Road Motorsport. As ever you can choose a model that inspires you, and go Fully Assembled (RTR) or Self-build Kit, 2WD or 4WD. Get ready to start that engine, rev that throttle and feel the Speed, Torque and wheel spinning Power that only Nitro RC brings to the table.

Nitro On Road

Nitro On Road takes the thrill and realism of it's electric sibling, and turns it up a notch or three. Nitro On Road Remote Control RC Cars not only look the part, they sound it too! Nothing can beat the sound of a Nitro Car, the smell of the fuel and the combined hit on the senses that Nitro brings. Build a kit yourself or buy fully Assembled (RTR), go 2WD or 4WD and choose a style of vehicle that you want to see and hear in action!

Nitro is admittedly more involved, requiring more paraphernalia like Fuel, a Glow Start, Glow Plugs and tools for tuning the engine. But, once over the initial learning curve offers the kind of fun only IC Engines can offer.

Large Scale

When 1/10th or even 1/8th just won't cut it, 1/5th Scale Remote Controlled RC Cars are the closest thing you can get to a real vehicle, and still be Radio Controlled! Large Scale can be 2-Stroke IC and Petrol Powered, or Brushless Electric. They tend to be Fully Assembled (RTR) and mostly 2WD (although there are a few 4WD models on the market). On and Off Road is catered for too, and multiple genres of vehicle types and classes. You need a lot of space to run Large Scale RC, but that just makes the experience even more realistic and the RC cars themselves more exciting to drive. If you want the ultimate RC Car and Size is everything to you, then Large Scale is the only way to go!

RC Car Maintenance

It's one thing to buy and run your RC Car, but don't neglect it, or regular, routine maintenance. Put together a basic tool kit that includes a stiff brush to clean off dirt and debris after a run, Blue Thread Lock, a set of quality Hex Drivers, a Box Wrench, Side Cutters, Needle Nosed and Flat Ended Pliers, Flat Blade and Cross Headed Screwdrivers, Thin and (if Possible) flexible Cyano (or Super Glue) for re gluing tyres, Diff Grease, Shock Oil, Bearing Oil and a Water Displacing Spray (Such as WD40 or GT85).

These are the basics needed to keep a vehicle well maintained, clean and ready for it's next run. If you run Nitro then after run oil is a good investment, especially if you intend not to run the engine again soon, and a Hauler Case or Bag is also a good investment making transporting your car and tools around a much easier proposition. Always check your car over before and after a run, as nuts and bolts can (and often do) work their way loose. The better you look after the car, the better it will perform and last for you.

Here at MIBI there's something for everyone, whatever your level of expertise, age or interest. If in doubt, ask, and we will always endeavour to find you something exciting that meets your needs perfectly! We all start somewhere and all need help at times.