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Off Road RC Cars

Virtually any RC Car driver, regardless of age or skill level, will tell you that most fun they’ve had has been is with an off-road radio controlled car. Often referred to as 'Bashers', they’re great fun and one of the most popular types of vehicle due to their versatility of being usable on different surfaces including both on road and off road and amazing at tackling those dirt jumps you’ve been wanting to do.

Radio control works by encoding your control input on the transmitter and then sending it using radio waves to the receiver inside the vehicle. The receiver then decodes these signals and converts them to control outputs for the servos and speed controller which then operate the steering and motor to turn the wheels.

Generally, off road vehicles will have a softer suspension setup with greater travel in order to be able to soak up the bumps on rough and uneven ground. This also helps when landing those 'send it' jumps. The shock absorbers can be almost infinitely tuned by changing the viscosity of the shock oils and also the coil springs. With a good tune these machines can attain similar pace over rough ground compared to an on road car on a track.

Other modifications can include strengthening the chassis components through hop up kits or simply for cosmetic appeal by changing the wheels and tyres or by buying a new body shell to suit your tastes. Customising the body shell on your off road car for that unique look and feel can be achieved in many ways with hobbyists adding the different colours in many ways such as in airbrush, spray cans, acrylics, lacquers and decals.

Make It Build It has a wide range of electric off-road car accessories to build on your vehicle with different wheels, motors, spoilers, ram bars, and full kits. We also have a wide range of models to choose from, 2WD, 4WD, brushed motor, brushless motor, covering all skill levels from beginner through to expert. We have something for everyone.

If you’d like to know more about electric off road RC cars then why not contact us and we can assist you in choosing an RC car whether it's your very first introduction or the latest in a long line. Discover big brands like Axial, Maverick, FTX, HPI Racing, Traxxas, Arrma, as well as kits like, Assembled (RTR), Part Assembled (ARTR) or Un-Assembled (KIT).