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Sports Planes

Piloting an rc sports plane is one of the most popular hobbies, and that's no surprise to us. The thrill of performing aerobatic maneuvers like inside loops, outside loops gets your heart racing, people around the globe know of radio controlled planes and is one of the most respected hobbies as it takes tremendous amounts of skill and practice.

First things first, you will need to learn the basics first you can achieve the basics by learning on a flight simulator or a trainer plane this is fundamental to building your confidence on the sticks, it can take years to perfect your flying abilities and be able to perform aerobatics on the sports plane safely. Once you feel comfortable with the trainer plane or the flight sim then we’d recommend slowly moving towards the sports plane, building that confidence even more, we have a range of smaller planes you can physically practice on before doing your final step onto the faster and bigger rc planes.

RC sports planes tend to have a mid-wing, making them critically balanced in which you’ll find a lot better for aerobatics, other models like warbirds have low wings so the fuselage is on top making it better for water landings etc. Once you’ve found your perfect plane then you’ll need to find a place to fly, there are many rc flying clubs in the UK, just a quick google and one will pop up in your area. Local clubs will abide by regulations set by the BMFA and CAA, these are the aviation authorities that need to be followed by all aircraft pilots.

Getting started with your radio controlled plane can be confusing and difficult, so at make it build it we have a range of kits you can choose from, such as Almost Ready to Fly (ARF), Ready to Fly (RTF) and Bind & Fly (BNF) for all skill levels beginner through to expert. Along with these kits you’ll need some essential parts and accessories, a couple of batteries, charger, transmitter and if you’re getting the kit versions then a receiver if one is not supplied in the kit.

If you’re having trouble choosing what would be the perfect radio controlled sport plane kit for you then contact us and one of our knowledgeable pilots will help you along your way to getting in the sky. Shop from big brands like FMS, EFL, Black Horse, Ripmax, HAN, JSM, E Flite and more