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Off Road Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars or known as Nitromethane nitro powered models are great fun, first invented in the late 1960’s by an italian engineer and from then developed into a mainstream hobby/sport and loved by millions. Introduced in the UK early December 1966, through an importer's motor books and accessories, St martins, London and early 1967 through Atkinson's model shop in Swansea.

Nitro cars work by burning a gasoline like fuel called nitro, which is made up of methanol, nitromethane and lubricant, that then will go into an internal combustion engine, and then sparked by a glow plug which is very similar to spark plugs in regular car engines, after that the car will then keep burning through fuel until there’s none left.

Off road nitro cars are great because they can be used on different terrains in all weathers, and best thing is that you can use them for dirt jumps which can be a lot of fun, build up great speeds up to 100 mph on either the road or a dirt track.

If you’re a beginner or expert, we have something for everyone at make it build it, a range of trusted big brands to choose from like HPI Racing, HoBao, Traxxas and more. Choosing to build your car as an Un-Assembled (KIT) or if you want no messing around get our Assembled (RTR) cars to just connect and drive.

At Make it build it we wanted to offer a range of parts & accessories, we’ve got your back if you do happen to have an accident, find your wheels, bodyshells, bumpers, chassis, engines, as well as all the parts to build your nitro off road car we have the best fuel along with the top brands like HPI, Byron to keep those wheels turning.

Our wide range can be challenging to choose from with all the different specs like 2WD, 4WD, Brushless. Luckily we have a great team on hand ready to answer all your questions at the end of the phone, if you’re struggling to pick your next car then contact us and one of our team will be happy to help!