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RC Jet Planes

Flying Jets is a great way for the experienced pilot to get that rush from when they first picked up their transmitter, although jets aren't your usual radio controlled plane you see flying in the sky they're definitely a show stopper. RC Jet engines use a micro turbine or a ducted fan to power them and most airframes will be constructed from lightweight fiber glass or carbon fiber this is what helps propel the jets through the sky at high speeds. Inside the aircraft you'll find wooden spars to reinforce the body allowing a rigid frame, also there's kevlar fuel tanks for the jet fuel they run on. Most small turbines will start with propane, burn for a few seconds before introducing the jet fuel by a solenoid. Radio controlled jets will reach speed in excess of 320km/h which is around 200mph and require incredibly quick reflexes to operate.

As well as large scale jets there is also smaller rc jets that will run on micro turbines, they require an onboard FADEC (full authority digital engine control) controller, which will control the turbine, as o a full size aircraft. RC jets also will need electrical power, most commonly a LiPo battery pack which controls the FADEC. There are also other needs for the LiPo such as onboard servos that control ailerons, elevator, rudder, flats and landing gear.

Most hobbyist will use either EDF jet models which are smaller size and only need the same electronic speed controller and a rechargeable battery. EDF stands for Electric Ducted Fan, this means they have no propeller, instead the ducted fan houses a multi bladed propeller or a fan, this works by sucking in air while spinning at high speeds, although EDF model jets may look easy we can assure you they are not for beginners, beginners would improve their skills starting out on trainer plane or smaller micro planes just to acquire those fundamental skills needed for the bigger scale models.

Here at Make It Build It we have a wide range for you to choose from, full of EDF Jets & other Radio Controlled Jets as well as all the parts needed to repair if you have an accident. While supplying the most we also scour through the UK market to find the best brands for you, with our findings we provided you with the best brands such asnFMS model jets, E Flite jets, EFL model jets as well as many more available online. Need a little help? then our customer service team will be sure to help you find the right Pro Boat part for you. Give the team a call today wth any question you have, or for advice on the kind of gear that could take your skills to the next level and beyond. All our contact details and operating hours can be found on our website