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Rocket Motors

Estes rocket motors have been designed with precision and strict engineering tolerances, renowned for being the safe and reliable with over 50,000,000 launches to date.

Estes flying model rockets have an incredible record with safety, with over 60 years and 500 million launches every rocket motor is tested and every product to comply with national standards. The flying model rocket hobby is for those ages 10 and above with parental supervision suggested for those between the ages of 10 - 12.

The engines or as we like to call them the motors, used to thrust the rocket model in the air, these factory assembled rocket motors comply with the strict requirements of NAR (national association of rocketry) They are single use and come in a range of power from A to F sizes. The motors work by an electrical launch system powered by alkaline batteries.

The rocket motors work from when the engine is ignited by the alkaline batteries from your launch system, the motors will then react to that and produce thrust and boosts through the sky, after the propellant is used up, the delay is activated producing tracking smoke to allow the rocket to coast, after that each delay is used the ejection charge is activated, which will then deploy your recovery system such as a parachute or a streamer.

Rocket motors will also come in a few different sizes, so heres a chart for you to read through to see which motors you will need, if you are having trouble please contact us and we will be sure to help you out.