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They say an artist is only ever as good as his paintbrush, we say a driver is only ever as good as they're tyres. Without the most appropriate tyres for your own driving style, you simply cannot expect to improve your driving and get that time or rip that turf up. That's why make it build it have worked around the clock to assemble a market-leading collection of RC tyres for you to choose from. Wether you're looking for a 2WD or 4WD tyres we have a big range to suit your style. We also have a different selection of styles of remote controlled tyres to choose from which some will help you grip to the surface better see an example below of all types from slick, full spikes, mini pins and mini spikes.

Slicks suit tarmac and pavement surfaces, this will improve your ride allowing you to have a smooth drive.

Full spikes suit mud and wet grass terrains, the spikes on the tyres will help you get a grip on the softer messy terrains

Mini pins suit the carpet, especially deeper pile surfaces, gripping to the fabric will help you power through

Mini spikes suit most terrains, an all-round good tyre which are very versatile

RC models belong to different groups and some of which cross over, RC car users have their cars and trucks to race, bash and crawl. Torque and the ability to ride over various terrains is a crucial part more than speed is on off road rc cars, rock crawling would be a prime example of this. 

1/10 On-Road Tyres
1/10 On-Road tyres are designed for smooth and flat surfaces. They are ideal for high-speed racing and provide excellent grip and stability. These tyres are often low-profile and boast a durable rubber compound, ensuring optimal performance on tarmac, asphalt and other hard surfaces. 1/10 on-road tyres come in various tread patterns, catering to different track conditions. Slick tyres are ideal for smooth tracks, while grooved or spiked tyres provide better traction on uneven or dusty surfaces.

Buggy Tyres

Buggy tyres are all about speed and agility. Designed for off-road tracks and quick, agile manoeuvres. From all-terrain tyres that handle a range of surfaces to specialized options for sand, mud, or rocky terrain, you can find a set of buggy tyres tailored to your preferred off-road experience.

Truck tyres

Truck tyres are perfect for those who love performing high-flying jumps and stunts with their RC trucks. Offering excellent traction and durability, many truck tyres feature larger diameters which increase your truck's ground clearance. This added height allows you to tackle obstacles more easily, reducing the risk of getting stuck on uneven surfaces.

1/10 Short Course Tyres
1/10 Short Course tyres are engineered to deliver top-notch performance, striking a balance between on-road and off-road capabilities, making them ideal for short course truck racing.

Drift Tyres

Designed for controlled sliding, RC drift tyres are engineered to provide superior precision during drifts. With their unique tread patterns and specialised rubber compounds, drift tyres offer the perfect balance between grip and slip, allowing you to execute flawless, controlled slides with ease.

Rock Crawler Tyres

RC Rock crawler tyres are designed to provide maximum grip as well as flexibility. Featuring soft rubber compounds and deep lugs, crawler tyres are perfect for climbing over obstacles and navigating challenging terrains.

1/16 scale tyres
When it comes to maximizing the performance and handling of these miniature marvels, the choice of tyres takes center stage.
1/16 scale tyres are tailor-made for R/C vehicles that replicate real cars at a 1/16 scale ratio. These intricately designed tyres are pivotal in determining your vehicle's traction, grip, and overall manoeuvrability.

1/24 scale tyres
Whether you're racing on smooth tracks or conquering challenging off-road adventures, selecting the right 1/24 scale tyres tailored to your preferences and terrain is key to unlocking the full potential of your miniature R/C machine. 1/24 scale tyres are designed to fit perfectly on R/C vehicles that replicate the size and performance of real cars at a 1/24 scale ratio. These miniature tyres may be small, but they have a significant impact on the vehicle's performance, handling, and overall enjoyment.

1/5 scale tyres
1/5 scale tyres feature aggressive treads and robust construction, enabling your 1/5 scale vehicle to conquer dirt, gravel, sand, and even rocky trails with ease. Whether you're racing on the track, navigating challenging off-road trails, or simply having fun, the right choice of 1/5 scale tyres can make all the difference.

At make it build it we provide only the best brands for tyres as we don't want you replacing your tyres every time you go out with your rc cars or trucks, the brands we stock have been developing and manufacturing rc tyres for years, they all have been cherry picked from a wide range of brands and these are the ones that we think provide the best possible tyres for rc racing, bashing and crawling.