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Boost your RC car's performance with a diverse array of RC wheels, including options for off-road, drift, touring, and more. Discover precision-engineered wheels to maximize your speed and control. Explore the perfect match for your RC car today!

1/10 On-Road Wheels

Designed for high speeds and smooth surfaces, 1/10 on-road RC cars are known for their precision and control. These vehicles come equipped with low-profile, lightweight wheels to minimize rolling resistance. Opt for 1/10 on-road wheels that reduce sidewall flex for responsive cornering and acceleration.

Crawler Wheels

Crawler wheels are larger and feature sturdy rims, offering stability and support on rugged surfaces and challenging terrains. These wheels ensure maximum traction and grip on uneven terrain and are often equipped with beadlock designs for greater customization.

Truggy Wheels

Truggy wheels are designed for adaptability, often featuring medium-sized, all-terrain tires with tread patterns suitable for various surfaces. The key is achieving a balance between grip and durability.

Truck Wheels

RC trucks are synonymous with off-road adventures and demanding landscapes. These vehicles are built for rugged terrain and require larger, durable wheels capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Look for truck wheels compatible with deep-treaded, all-terrain tires to provide exceptional traction on challenging surfaces.

1/16 Scale Wheels

1/16 scale wheels are designed to match the scale, often featuring smaller, lightweight designs that suit the smaller 1/16 scale vehicle chassis. Precision and control are critical for 1/16 RC cars due to their smaller size, making it essential to choose wheels that complement their size and purpose.

1/24 scale wheels

1/24 scale RC cars take the compact concept to the extreme, offering even smaller sizes and precise handling. 1/24 scale wheels are minuscule and lightweight, tailored to suit the tiny vehicles of the same scale. These wheels ensure optimal performance for micro RC cars, allowing them to navigate tight spaces with ease.

1/5 Scale wheels
Elevate your large scale 1/5 RC vehicle's performance with the right 1/5 Scale wheels wheels. Discover a diverse range of 1/5 Scale wheels for all terrains and racing styles. Find the perfect set to conquer any off-road challenge.