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Motor/Speedo Combos

Power, Performance & Duration

Brushless Motor and ESC (Electronic Speed Control) technology has evolved significantly over the last decade. It's now become the norm in most forms of hobby grade RC and offers much better Performance and Duration that it's brushed equivalent. Brushless Motor and ESC Combos offer a one-box solution for Hobbyists who want to upgrade an existing model or builders that want to incorporate Brushless Motor and ESC technology into their latest project.

Brushless Motor and ESC Combos come in many flavours, and are rated to support a wide range of Brushless Motors with different RPM (or KV rating) and Torque characteristics, and different Input voltages ranging from 7.2v (2S), 11.1V (3S), right up to 14.8v (4S), and 29.6v (8S). The input voltage will be dictated by the application, as will the KV rating of the Brushless Motor you choose.

With Aero Models, Prop and Blade size, the weight of the model, it's Wingspan and its use are all factors. Here at MIBI we can supply a Brushless Combo that will meet all your needs, made by a respected global manufacturer with decades of experience in the Hobby Industry and at the forefront of the latest Brushless Technology.

All combos have been developed and tested to work in harmony with each other, and also offer additional programmable parameters, either via a USB link direct to a computer or stand-alone programming card. Setting things like Throttle Curve, Low Voltage Cut-off and Drag Braking ensures you are always in full control of your model and understand all aspects of its power train. Here at MIBI, we offer advice for Brushless Motor and ESC Combo for you, as well as advice on compatible Batteries, Chargers and other accessories like LiPo Charging Bags.