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RC Boats

Radio controlled boats have been around for a long time, modelled from actual boats and ships; they're becoming more technologically advanced with different speeds, and transmission signals that allow you to take your RC Boat out further than ever before. Electric sports boats happen to be the most common amongst the casual hobbyist as they go to 20mph and up from there.

Scale remote controlled boats are based upon full size boats, as it states in the name they’re scaled meaning they can be small enough to fit in your hand, or large enough that you will need to transport them via trailer, but often you’ll find mini sized versions of those.

Sailboats and yachts like their full size versions, use wind to their advantage, sails acting with the wind to propel the boat. Yachts will typically be controlled by a radio transmitter, using their hands to alter the two joysticks that are sent over two channels on a single radio frequency, then passed on to battery powered motors or servos.

Racing power rc boats typically use a fast electric system or an internal combustion system just like a regular car. When using an internal combustion system the speed boat will have a submerged propeller at the back that provides thrust to move the rc boat, then there's two controls which help you turn called rudders, one for the left side then one for the right, as well as basic features that most rc boats have racing boats come with addition functions to improve realism like sounding fog horns, rotating radar antennae, remote mixing control.

At Make it build it we have a wide range of rc boats for sale, from large scale boats, sailboats, racing sailboats, racing power boats, combat boats and tugboats in a range of colourways and different motors, some have brushless motors allowing them to have that edge on other brushed motor rc boats. With our wide range comes a huge amount of boat accessories for you to choose from.

Discover big brands of model radio controlled boats like hobby engine, Volantex, prb and traxxas