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RC Planes

Many of us dream of escaping the grip of Terra Firma Of flying high above the ground, with just the basic principles of Flight keeping us airborne. 4 Factors make this possible: - Lift, Gravity, Thrust, and Drag. RC Planes of all types and sizes offer you the ability to master these factors, and from Micro and Mini Aircraft (often flown indoors at sport centres or similar venues), to the latest FPV (First Person View) RC Plane. As Aviation Hobbyists, we have never been in a better position to get airborne with an affordable, durable and realistic models than ever before. Electric flight is clean, efficient and relatively noise free. IC engines are still a part of the hobby, but tend only to be used on larger models flown at officially organised clubs in areas authorised to do so.


More RC Planes

Micro RC Planes

They say small is beautiful, and Micro RC Planes are no exception. From palm top Bi-Planes to Miniature Aerobatics models, they can be flown indoors in a suitable venue, or outdoors in low wind conditions. Mini Remote Control aeroplanes offer ease of storage, ease of transportation and are either BNF (Bind n Fly) or RTF (Ready To Fly). The former allows you to use an existing 'compatible' RC Transmitter to control them, reducing their initial cost and making collecting a range far more cost effective. RTR are usually complete, including the main battery pack and charger, but may still require minimal assembly and the addition of suitable batteries for the Transmitter..

Jet Planes

For the more experienced aero modeller, Remote Controlled Jets offer the ultimate thrill of speed, manoeuvrability and realism. Where Jets are concerned with size and price, the sky is definitely the limit! EDF (Electric Ducted Fan Jets) are an affordable entry point, and tend to be made of durable Injection Moulded Foam, or a combination of Foam and Modern Plastics. They recreate classic Jet Planes from all eras of flight, and offer both Scale Realism and Aerodynamic Performance in the air. Granted, RC Jets are not for the feint hearted, but with practice and the correct instruction, anyone can eventually master them, and when funds allow, progress from smaller Electric models to bigger true Jet Turbines. Here at MIBI we offer RC Planes by all the biggest brands in the RC industry like: -FMS, EFL and E-Flite, as well as honest advice on what will suit you, your experience and budget.

Glider & Trainer Planes

A great way to get started with flying Radio Controlled Planes is with a RTF (Ready To Fly) or ARF (Almost Ready To Fly) RC Trainer Plane or Glider. Trainers are designed to be more stable and forgiving in the air, fly at a much slower airspeed and are the perfect way to train your muscle memory when learning before moving on to more sophisticated models and faster RC Plane types. Gliders or as they are sometimes called; Sailplanes, tend to be the most stable of all in the air, with large wingspans generating immense lift, but are often unpowered after they are launched, and then leave gravity, their aerodynamics and sometimes in air thermals to affect flight times and maintain their height. Keil Kraft, FMS, and EFL are just a few of the brands we stock at MIBI. Whatever your aspirations, whatever your budget, we have a solution for you.

Scale Planes

As experience grows, so does the size and type of the RC Planes many Aero Modellers crave. Large Scale Planes are just that, and are often fully detailed to make them the most realistic form of flying models out there. Large Model Aircraft require much more space to fly them, and most end users will be members of organised RC Plane Clubs. Forget using complex plans and building the airframe one rib at a time, then covering it and the wings with Solar Film or Tissue. Modern Scale RC Planes tend to be ARF (Almost Ready To Fly), constructed from modern materials and will require minimal assembly. Brands we stock at MIBI include: - Dynam, EFL, FMS and Black Horse, and these cover a wide variety of sizes and types of Flying Model. If there is a particular aircraft you want to own and fly, we will always endeavour to try and meet your needs, or offer something similarly spectacular to add to your fleet.

Sport Planes

Once the initial learning curve has been flattened, many Radio Control Pilots want to push their abilities, reaction times and Model Planes to the limits. To this end RC Sport Planes and Fixed Wing Aerobatic Models are by far the best choice. Available in a wide range of scales, Sports models tend to be high powered, with fast responsive control surfaces, shorter wings and constructed from light, yet immensely strong modern materials. In some way this genre represents the pinnacle of Remote Controlled Airplanes and performance, with brands like: - FMS, Dynam, EFL and Black Horse leading the way with mostly ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) RC Planes in a wide variety of price points. Remember these are only for experienced pilots, but they offer speed and manoeuvrability like no other genre.

FPV Planes

First Person View or FPV Fixed Wing Planes give the pilot the closest experience to actually being in the cockpit that they can get. With a moving or fixed position camera transmitting real-time to the pilot on the ground wearing Goggles or using a Diversity Grounstationd, FPV take the RC Flying experience to the next level of Immersion and Realism. FPV can be added to almost any type of aircraft using easy to put together FPV Kits, but there are many Aircraft that have been specifically designed to accommodate FPV, with clear nose cones or 'Pods', or the ultimate, an FPV camera where the pilots head should be and able to pan and tilt as you move your head around using Head Tracking technology built into the Goggle! Imaging Racing an Aircraft and being right there in the heart of the action. We stock FPV aircraft by brands such as BLH, EFL, and can supply FPV Kits to retro fit to an existing airframe. Forget Virtual Reality, it's time to experience the Actual Reality of FPV!

Plane Maintenance

All aircraft require routine maintenance, and here at MIBI we stock a vast array of items to keep you in the air and flying. Put together a basic tool kit that includes a soft brush and cloths to clean off any dirt and debris from the fuselage, a set of quality Hex and Screw Drivers, a Box Wrench, Side Cutters, Needle Nosed and Flat Ended Pliers, Modelling Knifes, A Hack Saw, Thin and Thick Cyno (or Super Glue), Grease, Bearing Oil and a Water Displacing Spray (Such as WD40 or GT85).

These are the basics needed to keep all aircraft well maintained, clean and ready for their next Flight. If you run an IC engined aircraft then after run oil is a good investment, especially if you intend not to run the engine again soon, and an Aircraft Specific foam Stand is also a good investment making storing and working on your Aircraft a much easier proposition. Always check an aircraft over before and after a flight, as nuts and bolts, vital in control surfaces can (and often do) work their way loose. The better you look after your aircraft, the better it will perform and last for you.