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Off Road RC Buggy & Truggies

RC Buggies have been around since the late 1970's when Tamiya first released their iconic Rough Rider model. This realistic replica of a real 1:1 American Buggy, had a Rear Motor 2WD layout, and became the blueprint for the RC Buggy that we can still buy, build, race and bash today.

Since that time the genre has evolved and branched out to include both electric and IC models Available in all scales and end uses, from Micro 1/16th, to 1/10th, 1/8th and even 1/5th are just some of the most popular scales that buggies are available in. With Brushed and Brushless electric Motors or Nitro and Petrol IC Engines. You can build a fun entry level bashing Buggy or opt for a full-blown Race-Spec Kit. The latter are built for outright Performance and Tuneability.

Kyosho Japan were one of the first companies to developed true Race Spec RC Buggy Platforms in the 1980's, but all competitive brands have at one time or another developed both 2WD and 4WD RC Buggies. The Team Associated RC10, Tamiya Avante, Losi Double X, Schumacher Cougar and the Kyosho Ultima are just some of the iconic models and brands that in the 90's and beyond shaped the modern RC Buggy market. Both rear and mid motor platforms have evolved from these early models and 1/10th 2WD and then 4WD had a golden era in the 90's and early 2000's.

1/8th Rally-X, perhaps the most performance orientated type of RC Buggy then became the class that really drove the formation of outdoor Off Road clubs, and remains to this day a very popular Nitro (and more recently electric) class. Run on either Dirt or Astro Turf, 1/8th is often much faster than it's 1/10th equivalent, and able to cope with bigger jumps and more extreme surfaces and conditions. More recently the RC Truggy appeared on the scene. It was a direct evolution of the 1/8th RC Buggy, offering a longer wheelbase, wider stance and longer shocks. Instead of a Buggy Body, RC Truggies are adorned by a Truck bodyshell. RC Truggies are able to deal with more extreme surfaces, can often jump further, land harder and basically take more out-and-out abuse in use.

Here at MIBI we offer a wide range of Buggies and Truggies, in all scales and types. Choose a fun Bashing RC Buggy or RC Truggy based on your available running space and surface, or opt to join a local club and build a Race Kit to your own specifications and budget. As with all other forms of RC maintenance is essential, and we offer everything you need to keep your RC Buggy or RC Truggy working at peak performance, as well as basic Spares and Consumables, Performance Upgrades and Option Parts.